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Why Choose HAHOWA Co.,Ltd.

HAHOWA Co.,Ltd. is your optimal partner, standing out in a highly competitive market due to our unique advantages:

1. Innovation and Uniqueness

We are not just dedicated to toy manufacturing; we prioritize continuous innovation. The Hahowa Puzzle Family series represents our commitment to uniqueness and creativity, offering you products that are truly one-of-a-kind in the market.

2. Product Quality and Safety

HAHOWA Co.,Ltd. is renowned for excellent product quality and safety. We use natural plant dyes and inks, and through stringent quality control, ensure that each product meets the highest industry standards.

3. Environmental Philosophy

We are committed to sustainable development and advocate for an environmentally friendly production philosophy. Choosing our products not only means selecting high quality but also reflects a commitment to Earth, as we strive to minimize our environmental impact during the manufacturing process.

4. Flexible Production and Rapid Response

Our production plans are flexible and efficient, capable of quickly adapting to market changes. Regardless of how your needs evolve, we can promptly provide products that meet your expectations and ensure timely delivery.

5. Focus on Child Development

The Hahowa Puzzle Family series is more than just toys; it represents a focus on children's aesthetic education. Through our products, children cultivate creativity, concentration, and artistic inspiration, becoming little adventurers in the world of art through play.

At HAHOWA Co.,Ltd., we strive to exceed expectations, offering you unparalleled products and services. Choose us, and choose to align with innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility!

About Us

Hahowa Puzzle Family is an original toy brand

We pay attention to art and aesthetics, focus on children’s aesthetic education, give full play to the children’s creativity and imagination, let the children in the game to improve the art aesthetic, cultivate the ability and concentration, inspire artistic inspiration, free children’s creativity.

At the same time strive for product safety and high quality, the product we use natural plant dyes, ink and so on. The picture is rich and colorful, hoping to stimulate children’s visual development and enhance their visual sense.

Fine workmanship, let you feel the exquisite craft.

Use of native pulp pressed, thickened cardboard are easier for children to grab.

The two sides of each jigsaw puzzle are printed to distinguish the true from the false.

We use straps backpack as packaging to add fun to the children.

Except for pack the puzzle, straps backpack can also pack books, snacks or other things when going outing.

Convenient storage, it becomes the first choice of gift.

About Us

About Us

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