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HAHOWA Co.,Ltd. is a creative brand dedicated to crafting unique toys, leading with the Hahowa Puzzle Family series. We focus on art and aesthetics, emphasizing children's aesthetic education, unleashing their creativity and imagination. Through our games, children enhance their artistic aesthetics, develop skills and concentration, and are inspired with artistic ideas, fostering the release of their creativity.

We consistently strive for product safety and high quality, utilizing natural plant dyes, inks, and other materials to ensure eco-friendly and green products. Our designs are vibrant and colorful, aiming to stimulate children's visual development and enhance their visual perception.

Exquisite craftsmanship allows you to experience superior artistry. We use locally sourced pulp for pressing, and the thickened cardboard makes it easier for children to grasp.

Each side of every jigsaw puzzle is printed with patterns to distinguish authenticity, adding an element of fun to the game.

We use backpack-style packaging, bringing joy to children. In addition to carrying puzzles, the backpack can also hold books, snacks, or other items when going out.

Its convenient storage makes it the preferred choice for gifting. Choose HAHOWA to bring unlimited creativity and joy to the children!

Introduction to the Productivity of HAHOWA Co.,Ltd.

HAHOWA Co.,Ltd. has consistently dedicated itself to efficient production processes, ensuring our products remain competitive in the market. Here are the key highlights of our company's productivity:

Advanced Production Equipment

We are equipped with cutting-edge production machinery and technology to ensure the efficient operation of our production line. From raw material processing to the final product, we employ advanced techniques to continuously enhance production efficiency and ensure product quality.

Precision Quality Control

The company implements a rigorous quality control system to ensure that each production stage adheres to high standards. Our professional team conducts precise testing and evaluations to ensure products meet international quality and safety standards.

Environmentally Friendly Production Philosophy

HAHOWA Co.,Ltd. is committed to sustainable development and adopts an environmentally friendly production philosophy. We choose natural plant dyes, inks, and other materials to reduce our environmental impact, actively promoting green manufacturing.

Flexible Production Planning

We implement flexible production plans to accommodate changes in market demand. Through meticulous planning and timely adjustments, we can quickly respond to market trends, ensuring our product supply meets customer needs.

Continuous Innovation

HAHOWA Co.,Ltd. prioritizes continuous innovation, constantly bringing forth new ideas. We encourage our team to contribute creative concepts and improvement suggestions, ensuring our products always possess uniqueness and market competitiveness.

Through this comprehensive set of productivity measures, HAHOWA Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products, surpassing expectations and injecting new vitality into the toy market.

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Hahowa Puzzle Family is an original toy brand

We pay attention to art and aesthetics, focus on children’s aesthetic education, give full play to the children’s creativity and imagination, let the children in the game to improve the art aesthetic, cultivate the ability and concentration, inspire artistic inspiration, free children’s creativity.

At the same time strive for product safety and high quality, the product we use natural plant dyes, ink and so on. The picture is rich and colorful, hoping to stimulate children’s visual development and enhance their visual sense.

Fine workmanship, let you feel the exquisite craft.

Use of native pulp pressed, thickened cardboard are easier for children to grab.

The two sides of each jigsaw puzzle are printed to distinguish the true from the false.

We use straps backpack as packaging to add fun to the children.

Except for pack the puzzle, straps backpack can also pack books, snacks or other things when going outing.

Convenient storage, it becomes the first choice of gift.

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About Us

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